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-Carla Stevens will be leading a study group of women of the Bible on the Saturdays of Lent, preceding Vespers (i.e., at 3:30 PM). This begins on March 16! 

-As a reminder, the tradition in our diocese is a fast of a minimum of 3 hours before receiving Communion at the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, or Vesperal Divine Liturgies. Also, the tradition is that Clean Monday is observed with a strict fast (no meat, fish, dairy, eggs), no matter how strictly one follows the fast during the other days of Lent.
-Also, please note: do NOT skip medications in order to receive Communion (and don't skip Communion because you had to take a medication)! Go ahead and take them! If you are supposed to eat something with the medication, you should do that as well--usually just a small amount is sufficient. (Some people with diabetes must eat a meal to maintain blood sugar levels--this is certainly acceptable.) If you have questions about this, please talk to Fr. Mark.

-Thank you to all who participated in our annual meeting, part 2. Parish council members elected were: Jim Mitchell, president; Gary Zuder, vice president, Linda Wiget, treasurer/financial secretary; Anthony Jula, secretary; Peter Shiptenko and Leslie Mitchell, auditors.


-There will be a discussion of Dante’s The Divine Comedy for those who would like to participate, after Vespers on February 3.

-2024 church calendars  and pledge forms are available in the church vestibule and social room. If anyone would like one mailed to them, please contact Julie Hesse

Thank you! (Anyone not having completed a pledge form is still welcome, and encouraged, to do so!) The annual diocesan assessment is $81 for 2024.

- 2/23/2023 - Holy Cross has been granted parish status by Metropolitan Gregory!!!


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Holy Cross Orthodox Mission
A parish of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese